How we do this

How we will do this

The public are receiving what we term “bargain overload” it's more often than not an offer for something they don’t want, don’t like or don’t need.

Everywhere they look they see 2 for 1 offers, 50% off, Discount cards, Groupon coupons. An increasingly skeptical public simply believe the prices have either been inflated or the product quality reduced to justify or disguise this supposed saving. Compounding this lack of empathy, every shop, restaurant & attraction is doing the same thing, so whatever marketing edge you thought you had is really having no effect.

How we do this

Why we are different

At Who’s Marketing Solutions we quickly learnt that Cash is king, so, we intend to put our money where your customers mouth is!

We don’t offer price reductions, we don’t do 2 for 1 offers and we are not just another Discount card, we incentivise with hard cash, and we can do this by firstly identifying the right consumer and record those who have expressed an intention to visit a carefully selected range of participating establishments, then we simply give them Money to go spend in them, easy? if you know how!

We don’t wait for potential customers to land in Phuket:

  1. We start to talk to your potential customers in the comfort of their own home when they first start to plan their vacation online, and we do this with a Google ad word campaign driving traffic to our web site once there we will ask them what they want and what they don’t want by completing a lifestyle survey and as a thank you we will give them cash to spend in participating establishments – yours!
  2. We will organise similar market research campaigns in and around the listed affiliated establishments and once again reward cash for participation.
  3. Inside the participating establishment, working from a non intrusive designated area we will register that customer so they can enjoy repeat benefits through the Who’s Loyalty program and at the same time suggest other establishment who would also be prepared to pay cash for their custom, Tailors, Spa, Real estate, Hotels, restaurants, excursions etc.
  4. We monitor on your behalf for negative online feedback your own product or services may be experiencing and our team of experts go in to action to limit any long lasting consequences.

How we do this

Who pays for this?

For the first 12 months, we do.

We consider all of the first year costs to be a requirement of our start up marketing budget, as you already spent yours when you started up, we intend to cover the full cost of our daily Google ad-word spend, our support centre and live chat facility, our promotional material and staff, i-pad survey and very important, the cash we pay to those visiting you through us for the very first time.

After the first 12 months, you do.

If you want to, you have no obligation to continue using our services after the first year but were guessing you will want to, and if we haven’t received any negative reports towards the product or service you provided we will be delighted to continue the relationship.

What will be the cost to you after the first 12 months?

We will charge you a annual fee if you wish to continue benefiting from fresh new custom through our websites, publications and street activity, you will now cover the cost of the cash reward we pay to the customers we walk through your door.

When they have enjoyed your product you must allow us to promote the products of other affiliates with a cash reward funded by them (this cost goes to the benefiting affiliate not you, you will fund the reward when they promote your services in their establishment).

How it works

Step 1

Couple requests the bill.

Step 2

They complete a simple, quick online survey.

Step 3

Couple receive an informal invitation to view the resort.

Step 4

They agree and book an appointment.

Step 5

Couple arrive at resort.

Step 6

Informal chat about the resort and property.

Step 7

Customer receives a gift certificate for attending resort.

Step 8

Couple return to restaurant to enjoy their gift.